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Post by Techie on Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:01 pm

I'm going to give some feedback to help you grow your forum more easily in the coming months Very Happy

  • When I first registered I tried using my @lowiso.com email and it wouldn't let me. Blocking email domains that aren't well known may prevent people from joining.
  • I tried posting a link to Planet Vegan in my last thread but there was an issue posting the link because my account is not 7 days old. If you're worried about spam, make the links nofollow. If you MUST bock them, hide the link button in the text editor for people who can't post links.
  • I can't start a topic in the Hobbies forum, it says only Admins can post there.
  • When I confirmed my email I clicked the link and it took me to your homepage. I tried posting and it wouldn't let me - it took a while to figure out that I wasn't logged in. Either automatically log people in when they verify their emails, or show an error message that says "You can't post right now, please log in or register" so people know why they can't post. Do both of these things and your user satisfaction and registrations will increase.


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Post by Kraizter on Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:22 pm

Thank you for telling me about these issues! I will try fixing them ASAP! Smile

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