Kyanbasu 2 ~ Niji-iro no Sukecchi ~

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Kyanbasu 2 ~ Niji-iro no Sukecchi ~ Empty Kyanbasu 2 ~ Niji-iro no Sukecchi ~

Post by Kraizter on Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:04 pm

Title: Kyanbasu 2 ~ Niji-iro no Sukecchi ~
Gender Tags: romance, harem
Release: 2005
Number Of Episodes: 24

Comment: So, the story goes like this. A girl called Eris Housen lost her parents in a car accident when she was a little kid. Now she lives together with her cousin who goes under the name Hiroki.

Hiroki is a professional drawer (No way..) When Eris was a kid Hiroki liked teaching her about drawing. Now she is also a good drawer, but its one problem. She cant use the color red, no matter how ugly the picture will turn out with out it. After she lost her parents, red only reminds her about blood. Will she ever be able to use red in her paintings again? Don't just sit there! Be a sir and watch the series yourself!

Watch The First Episode

Stars: 4/5

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